16 March 2012

quote of the day

I remember this every time I get sick, and I have been sick with a cold this past week. The dogs have loved having my company all day, all week, and I have enjoyed sleeping in a bit and taking lots of naps, but I don't enjoy being sick. There are a million and one things I could be doing, since the weather is so nice, instead of sitting around being sick, but there you have it. Being sick just makes me appreciate being able bodied and well all the rest of the times that I am alive, so I take this in stride and know that I will be better soon. I think this all started last saturday when we decided to take the bike to Daytona to see the motocross finals:

sitting on the daytona international speedway track

It was damn cold and rained on us for most all of the night. Yep, we actually sat on the track that they run those nascar cars on. Nate was in heaven. Thankfully we made it there and back without incident or accident, seeing as it was night when we returned and rained on us the whole time back. Thank god Nate had rain gear, so the only things that were wet were the tips of our boots. My arms were damp, for some reason, so maybe that's how it all started. Me being sick and all.

I have felt lots of animal love since I have been home:

Toby napping with me
under my work chair. can you see all 3 of them?
Wolfie and Toby acting like they like each other
Like most people, I think, I am restless when I am sick. I could be doing so many other things, but I can't, since I don't feel well, and moving about will only make me worse, not help in recovery. I have been able to sit at the bench and work on a couple things, and now that we have a new fangled, fancy, sharp shootin' camera, I'll be able to post some great pictures soon.
Until then, stay healthy.