24 March 2012

i heart macro

This isn't really a *true* "i heart macro" post, as it's not very macro, but I wanted to share some cute pictures of my old dog, Scotty. 

how handsome and pitiful!

I am actually grinding down his nails with a small dremel tool. Those things are just the handiest! This one is rechargeable and comes with some neat attachments. Not only do I use it for jewelry, it's multifunction lets me use it for the dog nails! His nails get so long and they drag on our terrazzo floor, which wakes me up in the night when he's wandering about. He's not thrilled with the procedure, as you can tell, so I have to put him in a body lock to get the job done.

Duke and Toby have to wander outside to see what's going on. I think they feel sorry for Scotty.

Rogue keeping watch
Rogue has brought us several squirrels as prizes lately. We have a squirrel family living in the concrete blocks on the outside of our carport. They haven't caused any other damage or problems, so I say let them live there. Plus, it gives the cats something to chase. Not that I LIKE them bringing us squirrels, it's just their nature.

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studio waterstone

Altered Images - Happy Birthday (1981)

Today is the birthday of a very good friend of mine, so I had to share. I love the 80's music and this is such a happy little tune! Oh happy day chere Berengere (sans accents, je regrette) et une bonne journee a toi!

19 March 2012

final sick days

as you may know, I have been out sick for the past week. Today I am just now feeling “normal” enough. I haven’t felt this bad in about 6 years, and for that, I am grateful. Being sickly makes me appreciate being well. It makes me not take my good health for granted, since it can be taken away so quickly.

My puppies have enjoyed my being here full time and I have to admit, I like it too. I could get used to being a stay at home mom, but I would also have to have another hobby/outlet/volunteer work/job to go to, so I could socialize with other adults, to learn about what’s going on in the world, although France 24 and MHz worldwide have done a lot of that for me this week too.
I’ve had time to rest, relax, destress, and do some more meditating. I had taken part in the chopra center’s 21 day meditation challenge recently and I have to say it was great. I got to listen to different meditations every morning before I started my day and it really made a difference. I downloaded a few meditations to my phone so I can still participate in a led meditation every morning,now that it’s still dark in the morning.
So much for my stay-cation.

17 March 2012

i heart macro

cabbage in the garden
Moses guarding the garden
sweet potatoes
Rogue - our natural pest control
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studio waterstone

16 March 2012

quote of the day

I remember this every time I get sick, and I have been sick with a cold this past week. The dogs have loved having my company all day, all week, and I have enjoyed sleeping in a bit and taking lots of naps, but I don't enjoy being sick. There are a million and one things I could be doing, since the weather is so nice, instead of sitting around being sick, but there you have it. Being sick just makes me appreciate being able bodied and well all the rest of the times that I am alive, so I take this in stride and know that I will be better soon. I think this all started last saturday when we decided to take the bike to Daytona to see the motocross finals:

sitting on the daytona international speedway track

It was damn cold and rained on us for most all of the night. Yep, we actually sat on the track that they run those nascar cars on. Nate was in heaven. Thankfully we made it there and back without incident or accident, seeing as it was night when we returned and rained on us the whole time back. Thank god Nate had rain gear, so the only things that were wet were the tips of our boots. My arms were damp, for some reason, so maybe that's how it all started. Me being sick and all.

I have felt lots of animal love since I have been home:

Toby napping with me
under my work chair. can you see all 3 of them?
Wolfie and Toby acting like they like each other
Like most people, I think, I am restless when I am sick. I could be doing so many other things, but I can't, since I don't feel well, and moving about will only make me worse, not help in recovery. I have been able to sit at the bench and work on a couple things, and now that we have a new fangled, fancy, sharp shootin' camera, I'll be able to post some great pictures soon.
Until then, stay healthy.

03 March 2012

grab a drink

this is going to be a long one...
tired face
Well, it has been next to forever since I have written. I feel a little guilty, a little sad, a little let down, and it's all my fault. I guess I just needed a break for awhile. Around Christmas time we inherited a friends dog, Duke, who could no longer keep him. So we took him in. Hell, we already had 2 dogs, what's another small one. 
Well, Duke turned out to be a handful with a few more issues than either of us expected. It was almost as if Duke was a feral dog for the last 3 years. He had no idea how to walk on a leash, was constantly needy, clingy, and would jump the fence to get to us: abandonment issues. He was aggressive toward bigger, un-neutered male dogs, and didn't have good socialization skills anyway. I swear he didn't know his name either. He's not a bad dog, just not too bright, through no fault of his own.

Toby and Wolfie on the new couch, looking through new curtains

So we have been working to rehab Duke, get him acquainted with the leash, his own food bowl, and other dogs besides our own. It's been almost 2 months now, and today we took him to the dog park and let him off leash for the first time. I was SO extremely happy he did so well! He stayed near us, wasn't aggressive, and I didn't have to worry about where he was or what he was doing. Keep in mind, Duke is around 12 years old. 

I am a one-project-at-a-time person. Handling Duke was stressful and when it's a stressful situation like that, it's all I think about. Once I feel like that situation is settled and will now work itself out, I can get back to my *normal* life. And finally, I think it's here. 

new washer and dryer over christmas

Nate and his father made risers for our new washer and dryer that we bought at an after thanksgiving sale. The ones we had were dying and these are fancy and energy efficient and all that. Nate & I worked on remodeling the laundry room so now it looks nice and updated. Another project down, only 5 more to go!
January palm tree
Nate and Toby in the hammock
kissy face
We bought ourselves new eyeglasses, that we both needed, Nate more than I. It had been about 6 years since his last eye exam and his vision had changed quite a bit since then. He looks really nice in his new black sexy specs, right?
alligator in the new fish tank
we took apart our large fish pond and made it into a small fish tank instead. The fish pond took up so much room in our screened in patio, and it had been prone to leaking, so we said 'to hell with it' and downsized. We gave some small fish away, as we now had too many with our fish tank, and I set a small alligator figurine my sister bought me long ago in the bottom of the tank. The fish are not afraid.

sleepy Moses
Toby after a day at the park
Nate and his boy, Toby
Duke has improved greatly and we are finally setting in as a family. Duke's anxieties have lessened, which makes it much less stressful around here, which finally makes it easier for me to feel relaxed enough to sit down to write. 

My only problem now is that blogger has been giving me fits lately. I try to save, or edit, or even tab, and the damn thing does something totally off the wall that I didn't even ask for. I still can't get my damn widths to adjust for a decent header. I'm so frustrated it's annoying. 

I've started/continued this blog over at wordpress, kind of as a trial run, kind of to see how wordpress is going to work for me, kind of as a fresh start. Being the eternal optimist, I keep hoping that blogger will still work for me, since I started here, the format is easy, and I have some followers now, I'd hate to lose you. Nevertheless, I feel like this is a year of great change for me, and moving to wordpress is one way to do it. you can check out the new space here.

All in all, I am ready to start over, make some changes, and get down to business. No more big upheavals, no more animals, and more writing, jewelry, and enjoying life. 

I will talk to you soon,