28 October 2011

quote of the day

This is something I need reminded of on a regular basis. I picked this one, especially, as I was having trouble making a ring for Nate yesterday. I found the measurements for ring blanks in my book from school, I measured it out with my calipers, and the damn thing was still a size too small. I get frustrated and disappointed and upset with myself 'cuz I've done this before, and I know I read, and cut,  the right measurements. Plus, I was running out of the wire I wanted to use and it was WAY past my bedtime. 
So I tried it again with the last pieces I had left.

I didn't beat myself up, I cut what I had left, turned up the flame higher (a soft flame, of course, I wasn't trying to melt the thing), and soldered it all together.

And it came out just right. 

Remember how I said that if I tried too hard or thought too hard about a project, whether it's this or my schoolwork, that it didn't turn out right? But if I'd just wing it and pulled it out of my arse it turned out like a beautiful piece of Renaissance art? Well, I remembered that the second time with this ring. And it's art. I'll show you later.