27 September 2011

catharsis - and a sale

swimming with dogs is always good for the soul 
It has been a good extra couple days off from work (I should do this more often).

I did NOT sleep in today, nor have I napped yet (strange, isn't it?). What I did do is go to 645am yoga and NOT have to rush in to work directly afterwards. It felt good. I went about my day, took the puppies to the park, watched Toby swim after his ball over and over again, Scotty wading in chest deep water, and enjoyed a relaxing day. The weather has actually cooled here for us, so we weren't sweltering by 11a. Had a nice lunch with my beloved (we all met him at his work), then promptly came home to list a few more items and tell you about my sale!

For my birthday, I am giving you a present. Use the code Birthday256 for 20% off your purchase in my etsy shop from now until friday, September 30, 2011. Not only was it my birthday this week, but I have a new great-nephew who was born yesterday! Don't have any photos yet, but I am anxiously awaiting!

Tomorrow, back to work. At least it will be a short work week. It's been a good week already, work or not. 
How about you? how is your week so far?