06 September 2011

new hardware

so I was busy busy this past 3 day weekend (woot! woot!) glad for the time off, and chance to get some stuff done. I made some more of these spokes earrings with washers, and made the copper jump rings and ear wires too. 

spokes and copper jump rings

here's some other spokes  and hubcaps that I'm modeling

here is Maude, my mannequin, modeling the very same spokes and hubcaps earrings. I think her coloring does them more justice.

and here I am, laughing at something stupid I said to Nate. can't remember what, as it was stupid. but, obviously, funny.  I'm also wearing some spokes earrings I made, that I decided to keep. They turned out pretty good and look cool too. These earrings aren't heavy, at all, even though they look it. I put them in the tumbler after putting them all together so there aren't any sharp edges to them to scratch your neck or chin and make it look like you've been making out with a cute little puppy - I mean, been fighting with your cat. er, nevermind.