03 September 2011

i heart macro

 guess who this is?

 When we were at the dog park the other day. (can you see me in the background in the peach top?) Toby had to rest from running around so much. I know, I know, I'm like an annoying new mom with her baby going overboard with the Toby pictures, but I just can't help myself! somebody stop me! 

and stop by studio waterstone to check out what everyone else is doing:

studio waterstone

my bead soup mix!

guess what I got in the mail the other day!

These beautiful beads from my bead soup partner way over in Germany!

Doris Stumpf over at Glaszwerg makes the cutest and most colorful beads. I especially love these 2 that she sent me. She is so talented, and some of the things she makes are just so dern cute! She also sent me a little beaded lanyard, like for a cell phone, with a skull and crossbones character on it. So cute! I have it hanging from my cars rear view mirror.
She packaged these in a nice wooden box with a clear center top.

(I told Wolfie not to eat the box.)

But she still *had* to get in the picture.