27 June 2011

new uses for things

So I'm sitting at my bench yesterday, after the cat moved...

and sat down to hammer at some earrings I was making from my FAB-O new set of beads I bought at the bead mercantile show. I needed a good way to hold on to the dern things without hammering my fingers. "I have a ring clamp" I said to myself. DUH. "this would be the perfect tool to hold onto the wire, secure the beads away from the hammer (and my fingers), and put some cool texture on the wire." DUH. Kind of like this:

See? Beads secured, wire exposed, hammering made easier.

And in holding the wire this way, I make sure to have some conformity in what places I am hammering (or forging) the wire, so it looks the same on the pair. 

It made the rest of my day hammering go so~o much smoother. Still loud, from all the hammering, just smoother and quicker. Yay for new uses for things!
how about you? found any new uses for things you already have? what's your best 'DUH' moment? feel free to share.