25 June 2011

new beads

Went to the Bead Mercantile show today, before the big rain, and got some good stuff. I had to ration, 'cuz otherwise I would have taken home a bunch more. Check this out:
groovy peace signs (ON SALE!). I wish I could tell you from whom, but he didn't put the company name on the business card. dern it.

gorgeous labradorite from A and J gems

cracked agate and some funky crosses from Choy International Gem. I love this cracked stuff. It is so pretty! I kept coming back to it. I bought 5 strands in different colors and some smaller sizes. I have enough to make a few pairs of earrings. (I had to make sure I had pairs in the strands.) These are just awesome!

How about you? Have you ever found one thing you just *had* to have? that you kept coming back to? what is your most exciting purchase?