13 June 2011

new stuff

made some more head pins the other day and decided to work with all silver. I have had these silver beads for EVER and didn't know quite what to do with them. Now I know. 

my beloved took this pic of me and my old dog the other day. I am very happy with the way it turned out. All the colors go well together, and I am always so self conscious about the left side of my face when I'm not wearing makeup.

(seeing as I'm lying on the left side you can't see it. HA!)

  My left side is so red, for some reason. don't know why. It's not rosacea and it's not an auto-immune disorder (I've been tested). I am tempted to go on a fast (God help me) just to see if I flush toxins out of my body it will alleviate whatever the problem is. Then I need to rule out whatever it was I was eating that made my face that way. I'm a little nervous on the fasting and then even more nervous to find out that what if I'm eating something I really really like and don't want to give up?

Nate doesn't notice, or mind, my red face. He thinks it's cute. I guess I shouldn't mind then either, right?