30 April 2011

cleaning up

so my mom and sister were visiting this past week, and now it's cleanup time. You know, that time when you get your house back in order after people came to visit. I worked on a couple things for my mom and sister while they were here, and now my bench is a mess. Well, it's usually a mess, but not this big of a mess. I try to keep it organized, otherwise I get all frustrated that I can't find what I was looking for. I enjoy soldering (fire! fire! heh heh! fire is cool...) It's fun to see it change color and watch the solder flow and meld into the metal. 

can't really tell from this picture, but the color was changing. 

more macro photos. Nate loves that camera.

remember to always use pliers folks! burning flesh smells worse than polishing compound. and hurts like hell too. 

going for the third hand. love the glasses. 

so how does your bench/work table look? a mess? organized chaos? just getting there?