13 April 2011

whatcha makin' now?

So I'm getting ready for the 7k bracelets for hope reveal on saturday. I have more blue beads than I thought. So many pretty shades of blue, and you know I love the butterflies. Not quite sure yet how to put it all together. My usual m.o. is using jewelry wire, but I have some chain I'd like to use up too, and I need to make the bracelet adjustable, so I think I may go that way. So many choices! I probably won't be using much silver wire though, as it's soooo expensive now! more than double what it was last year at this time! holy cow! And copper doesn't go very well with blue (I think) so I don't think I'll be using copper on this one. You never know though, I may put it together and think it looks FAB - O and run with it. Sometimes, you never know how something is truly going to look until you put it all together. 

look for the big reveal on saturday, with links to all the other jewelers (I know of) that are participating.