23 March 2011

SoftFlex spotlight on...

My latest article for SoftFlex's spotlight on...is coming up in May. I need to have it in by the end of this month. My last article I was very happy with and I'd like to do the same this time. I learned when I was in school, that if I didn't worry so much, if I didn't pressure myself, if I didn't try so damn hard, I could put out a decent paper. So I didn't do the aforementioned things, and I did turn out good papers. It's the same with the articles. I have an idea for a new article, but I don't want it to get too heady, I just want it to flow and be good. I've found that this kind of technique works when I'm working with my jewelry too. I don't try too hard, I don't pressure myself, and the pieces turn out pretty good. Maybe not quite what I expected, but still good. I think it's the part about learning to let go, and to surrender, (NOT give up) that makes working on these things - articles and jewelry - so much easier to do. 

The article will be out in May. Until then, check out the archives for my, and others, past articles.