21 March 2011

bike ride and a chicken family

busy busy lately, (aren't we all?), and have not had much time to catch up. The weather has been nicer, and with gas being so expensive, I've been riding my bike to work lately. Every day I pass by this chicken family on a very busy road. They are actually back from the road a bit, so I don't worry about them getting hit. (I haven't seen feathers in the road, so I think they're ok). 

I just think it's the funniest thing to see chickens in the city. I hear the roosters sometimes, when I go by, and I always look for them. I like chickens. I think they're cute. Same with cows. I call these guys the Curry Ford chickens, because that's the road they are on. 

Lots of straightening, cleaning, organizing, purging, as it's spring time and the time of year for that. It always feels good once it's done, right? 

Enjoy your day.