10 March 2011

transistors finale

hammered out a copper clasp for it...

and VOILA! transistor bracelet! I thought of soldering the copper jump rings in between to harden it a bit, but not set on that yet. I thought the silver solder color would make a nice addition and add some more character. I also thought a live action shot would be cool too...

but have decided that that is NOT such a good idea. (I don't like the photo shot. can't wait for my new lens!) I think I'll stick to still photos and not employ living beings. Unless it's with one of the cats, and they just look so damn cute you can't help it, so the shot looks perfect anyway. 

I also thought of another idea. You know how there's a BTW - Bead table wednesday? well, I was looking at my bench and saw a lot of crap unfinished projects miscellaneous items beautiful pieces in various stages of completion, and I thought "why not have a bench table day?" like a bench table weekend? I don't want to trample on BTW, and don't want to take the same name either. Maybe I'll stroll on over to the lovely folks @ BTW and ask their thoughts, and I ask for yours too.

comments? possible names? opinions? 
thanks for listening.