07 March 2011

chalkboard door...finale

so here it is (dog not included). I guess it seems pretty huge for a chalkboard on a door, but it *definitely* works. I have lots 'o space to write important stuff, and hopefully have Nate remember to look at it and read it. 

see? extra large type, and yes! I am getting a massage next weekend! woot! woot! I could use it, after putting plants in the yard over this past weekend with my friend Jim helping. (thanks bunches Jim!)

see how the magnetic paint works underneath the white colored paint below the chalkboard? This is the coolest part! The magnetic paint goes all the way to the bottom of the door, so if I really needed all that space, which I might, I can put stuff there. Although, the cats and dog would probably knock it off the door, being so close to the ground and all. I still have almost a whole pint quart (?) left of the magnetic paint, and half a quart of the chalkboard paint. 

now...what else can I paint....