27 February 2011

new camera lens

so my beloved wants to get some new camera lenses, which I am excited about since this way I'll be able to take much more better photos of my jewelry and him and the animals and stuff. (great english, huh?) This view of Nate's face is from a macro lens that we tried in store. We took his Canon camera body and tried out other lenses with it. I am totally in love with this lens. It's $500. Plus the lens filter is another $100. He wants to get a wide angle lens. This is what the wide angle lens looks like at the store:

It's super clear and gets so much more in the shot. This lens costs $850. The lens filter costs another $100. I really don't have that kind of money right now, but I am sooooo tempted to go back and offer to buy both if they will give us some kind of deal. Nate says camera lenses usually don't offer a deal, but I say that everything is negotiable.