26 December 2011

tablet troubles, and a post

OH! fer cryin' out loud! I went to post here on my tablet just yesterday and I don't see the dern thing here! WTF?! It was a fabulous rant about how I haven't been in the Christmas spirit, I'm not really interested, I've been slack on posting, and how hard it is to get in the spirit when it's 82 degrees outside (honestly, really? can't we have it a *little* cool here?), and maybe I need a change of venue, and speaking of change of venue, I've thought of some business changes/name changes/ blog changes to mix things up a bit as I've been thinking of a different direction for my jewelry and what all that entails, etc and so forth. 

But the damn thing isn't here. 

So I leave you with all the Christmas decorations we have up at our house, and I hope you had a good day. 

I'll be back to rant some more later.

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