26 December 2011

tablet troubles, and a post

OH! fer cryin' out loud! I went to post here on my tablet just yesterday and I don't see the dern thing here! WTF?! It was a fabulous rant about how I haven't been in the Christmas spirit, I'm not really interested, I've been slack on posting, and how hard it is to get in the spirit when it's 82 degrees outside (honestly, really? can't we have it a *little* cool here?), and maybe I need a change of venue, and speaking of change of venue, I've thought of some business changes/name changes/ blog changes to mix things up a bit as I've been thinking of a different direction for my jewelry and what all that entails, etc and so forth. 

But the damn thing isn't here. 

So I leave you with all the Christmas decorations we have up at our house, and I hope you had a good day. 

I'll be back to rant some more later.

16 December 2011

quote of the day

I like this one. I feel like shaking the tree of life and seeing what it brings down. I've felt a little antsy lately, a little restless, a little slumpy grumpy, and not sure why. A little disheveled, a little bored, a little dissatisfied. I need a good tree shaking to wake me up and fix me up and get me going. Maybe it is the time of year for that kind of thing; a time to shake things up, wake things up, fix things up and start anew. That's what the new year is for, right?

Shake it up! just don't hurt yourself falling out of the tree, ok?

14 December 2011

whatcha makin' now?

I am having so much fun with my new camera apps, it's almost ridiculous. Now I just need to put things like this on my desktop.  They are so cool!

moses - using pixl - r - matic
a neighborhood house. Really? a reindeer taller than your house? kinda scary if you ask me.
wolfie, moses, rogue
my beloved, Nathan, using photofunia app
Scotty at the dog park, with the plain camera on my phone

09 December 2011

quote of the day

I thought this was a most appropriate quote for today, for me anyway. I'm off today to visit 3 doctors: one for well woman exam, one dermatologist, and one podiatrist. These are all visits that I have put off again and again because, well, I am uncomfortable in doctors offices, and with health insurance the way it is, I'm not sure I'll be able to pay for it and I'm not going into debt for something that isn't life threatening, and I really just didn't feel like going. I kept hoping that these minor inconveniences will just solve themselves or go away. But as it always is with things in life, what we resist, persists. So these things have persisted to a point where I can't, and honestly don't, want to put them off anymore, so I bit the bullet, took a deep breath, held my nose, closed my eyes and took the plunge. I have an HSA, so money worries be damned. So far, I am still alive, these minor inconveniences can, and have, been dealt with, and I can now cross these things off my list of things to do this year. 

(nothing like waiting til the last moment, right?)

I hope all your obstacles, whether minor inconveniences or major problems, melt away once you walk through them.

03 December 2011

i heart macro

Rogue and beans
I'll have to admit, my beans have not done squat this year. Don't know why that is. Very disappointing is what it is. I did get 2 small squash, and the tomatoes are really taking off. Can't hardly see the lettuce or radishes for all the tomatoes. Good thing I like tomatoes. 

Some of the myriad of things on my bench as of late. Been working on a few new things, and managed NOT to melt anything. quite proud of myself, I am.  I cleaned part of the bench, and rearranged a few things to make it more convenient and accessible. It's getting to be that time of year again for cleansing. I do one every year. I feel better afterwards, and my house is clean! (not trying to imitate poltergeist or anything.)

check out what everyone else is looking at:

studio waterstone

last day of virtual craft show

Hey all! don't forget to head on over to Pretty Things blog to comment and win some really cool stuff! there some lip balm, lots of beads, and Lori made up a really nice 'buy handmade' badge to use in your shop. Only a few more hours left! Don't forget ~ any VCS visitors use discount code VCS10 for 10% off anything in my shop during the show.