07 November 2011

recovering from the time change

this is how I'm feeling after the time change. almost like jet lag, but not as bad.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog.
Like your daylight savings pic. It does mess our whole household up every year. Though not having to wake comatose children who already hate to get up for school in the pitch black is a little nicer. Your "25 things..." post was really funny.

Raw Thoughts And Feelings said...

I want a nap too!

Charlene said...

@Leah - I'm glad you thought my "25 things" post was funny. I always hope what I write comes through as funny, 'cuz I can be sarcastic too, and people don't usually get that, without being able to look at me. glad you liked it. and glad the kids aren't as grumpy.

@Raw thoughts - I'd love a nap every day. my boss, so far, won't go for it. I keep working on him.