27 November 2011

i heart macro


radishes and tomatoes

old fencing


LOTS of tomatoes

sneaky puppy

studio waterstone
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T... said...

great shots, so fresh and green....the sneaky puppy made me smile...thank you for that :)

Sharyl said...

What interesting shots. All that green would pretty much look the same except for your closeups of each plant. You must have been very low to the ground to get those views!

I really liked the puppy one too. It didn't take the entire dog, only a portion, to make it a great photo!

Karen Dorcas, Artist said...

wonderful DOF; great macros - amazing that you still have so much green - but, then I need to take into account I live in Alaska - LOL. Thanks so much for sharing and for the neat snap of your dog. kareninkenai (i heart macro)

stephey said...

I agree with Karen! Love the Depth of Field - especially on the Dog! Close up is always a favorite of mine! Thanks for sharing.