13 November 2011

i heart macro

 have you seen this? this is an old fence that I found at the side of the road when I was driving home from work one day. This type fencing isn't made anymore, and it has the coolest design. I thought it would be perfect from keeping the kittens from using the garden boxes as their own personal litter box, and it has been quite effective. The garden is doing well. Beans, radishes, lots of lettuce, squash, and peppers are all growing. can't wait for harvesting!

see what everyone else is growing here:
studio waterstone


manyslices said...

I did not get a macro shot off this weekend. I love your shot, and yes I know they don't make this type of wire fencing anymore because a lot of the older homes around us have it, and I tried to find some with no luck.
Happy Harvesting,

CraftyHope said...

Yes, that is one neat fence! I'm glad to know that you were not only reuse it, but to reuse it effectively. Very cook shot.

Karen Dorcas, Artist said...

very much enjoy your macro - wonderful DOF. Nice coloring. Thanks, kareninkenai