30 October 2011

i heart macro - winter Halloween edition

To all those currently suffering the snowstorms up north, I give you a garden and Toby macro day:

Toby's new favorite toy. He's such a tough guy. 




bell peppers

Toby and garden

Check out what everyone else is doing:

studio waterstone


T... said...

oh nice to see Toby once again :)
what a wonderful garden you have...
no snow in my part of the world yet, but it's a little to close for comfort....have a wonderful week

Charlene said...

Hey T!
thought you would like to see that. put him in there just for you! wouldn't want you going through withdrawals or anything.
stay warm where you are...

Tracey N. said...

What a fabulous looking garden you have! I am envious. Your toby looks like a sweetheart! Great pics of your plants.

Annette said...

Wonderful garden shots! And Toby is a cutie!

T... said...

thank you Charlene....he's such a sweetie....He did make me smile :)