17 October 2011

garden goodies

I worked most all day on sunday in the garden. I didn't plan that, it's just how it worked out. I had all good intentions of going to yoga once I tilled and planted 2 garden boxes, but 2 turned into 4, then I had to water them (of course), and then cover them with chicken wire, (or protect them from felines some other way as to prevent them from using said garden as a litter box), so naturally I didn't make it to the later yoga class, but got to work out in the nice weather and bask in the satisfaction of seeing the garden look damn good with all the future vegetables that are going to come our way (I hope.)

asian beans
I planted radishes, celery, broccoli, onions, thyme, chives, and rosemary. I'm a *little* late in the season for some of these, but I think we'll be ok. What I've planted so far is coming up GREAT! and I can't wait for them to start bearing fruit! I've discovered that chicken wire is an excellent deterrent for kittens. Note to self.

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