30 October 2011

i heart macro - winter Halloween edition

To all those currently suffering the snowstorms up north, I give you a garden and Toby macro day:

Toby's new favorite toy. He's such a tough guy. 




bell peppers

Toby and garden

Check out what everyone else is doing:

studio waterstone

28 October 2011

quote of the day

This is something I need reminded of on a regular basis. I picked this one, especially, as I was having trouble making a ring for Nate yesterday. I found the measurements for ring blanks in my book from school, I measured it out with my calipers, and the damn thing was still a size too small. I get frustrated and disappointed and upset with myself 'cuz I've done this before, and I know I read, and cut,  the right measurements. Plus, I was running out of the wire I wanted to use and it was WAY past my bedtime. 
So I tried it again with the last pieces I had left.

I didn't beat myself up, I cut what I had left, turned up the flame higher (a soft flame, of course, I wasn't trying to melt the thing), and soldered it all together.

And it came out just right. 

Remember how I said that if I tried too hard or thought too hard about a project, whether it's this or my schoolwork, that it didn't turn out right? But if I'd just wing it and pulled it out of my arse it turned out like a beautiful piece of Renaissance art? Well, I remembered that the second time with this ring. And it's art. I'll show you later.

24 October 2011

thought balloons - 25 things you didn't know about me

1.) I've lived here in Orlando more than half of my life. Never thought I would say that, but alas, it's true.  It's been an adventure, but it's time to move on. We are thinking of moving back to Ohio here in the next couple years. I know that sounds ludicrous as well, but our families are there, so it's almost a no brainer.

2.) I have a very sarcastic wit. Almost dry. Some people don't know what to think of what I say, so I try to keep the sarcasm to a face-to-face encounter, because otherwise, the message is all convoluted.

3.) I am the oldest of 4 children, and the only one that is right handed.

4.) I went to catholic school for 8 years. (that might explain the sarcasm? per chance?)

5.) I have to take a sedative when I go to the dentist for major work, like cavity fillings and crowns. really. otherwise I have nightmares the night before and I'm really *really* stressed about it. I'm also really uncomfortable in hospitals. Not that I have been a patient there much, but going to visit, or waiting with someone, I always make silly, stupid conversation to keep things light. Otherwise I just hate being there.

6.) I have traveled to Italy, England, France, Denmark, and Germany. I am totally in love with Europe and would love to live there one day. I speak fluent French.
me, Florence, Italy, circa 2000
 7.) I took ballet class for many years in my youth, and continued to do so in my 20's. Now, I was never very good at it, but I still have my flexibility, and doing ballet has helped me in my yoga practice. It's amazing how they are both so similar in form and function.

me at the dance studio where I took ballet class circa 1998
8.) My father died 11 years ago. I miss him every day.

Dad, 1999

9.) I can juggle. no, really!

10.) I am also very good at accents. British is by far the easiest and simplest to do. I can also imitate French, and Russian quite well. I always thought it would be fun to be a voice over artist. Hmmmm...

11.) I wanted to be a math teacher in my younger years. I still love teaching, doesn't matter what, and would be a professional student if someone else would pay for it. I'll study most anything, except science. I'm not good at that.

12.) I love spending time outdoors and have a decent sized container garden in the backyard. I'd love to have a window office, but for now, I'll have to suffice with going in my boss's office and looking out his window.

from last seasons garden
13.) I am an avid reader. I prefer the paper books to kindles any day. I like history, biography, history of theology, and books on animals.

14.) I have been a vegetarian since high school. I'm not one of these militant types though, that preaches about it to everyone. If you want to eat meat, that is your choice, I won't lecture you about it. This is a personal choice for me, I'm not trying to make a statement or anything. But ask me why, and I'll give you a myriad of reasons.

15.) I broke my right collar bone over 15 years ago playing raquetball. Yeah, I went to return a serve and slammed into the wall. (did I mention I'm not dainty either?) I thought maybe my shoulder had just popped out of the socket. Nope, full on break. So now when I go to do cow face pose in yoga, instead of my right arm going straight up behind my back for the pose, it kinda goes off to the left side. A bit uncomfortable. Who knew?

16.) My first car was an orange VW rabbit stick shift. I've been a fan of the stick shift ever since.

17.) I have 3 tattoos, only one you can see with my clothes on. I'm really interested in getting another. Just can't decide on exactly what.

18.) I've been told that I act like a know-it-all, when in fact I know I DON'T know it all. I know what I know, the other stuff I just bullshit. Oh, but I'm not a good liar. I turn red and start laughing if I try to lie. (all that catholic school maybe?) Although, I did graduate college with a 3.87 GPA. Not that I know everything or anything. I don't. really.

19.) I have 3 cats, one of which has 3 legs, and 2 dogs. and a man. which is like a child. So really, I'm a single parent.

Nate and Toby, our little boy. 

20.) I've worn corrective lenses since I was 5. I'm nearsighted. My dad kept thinking that I sat too close to the TV, and if I ate more carrots, my eyes would improve. Not a chance, Dad, just one of those things. He was always so distressed over having to buy me eye glasses every year before school started. I wear contacts now most of the time.

21.) I can sew my won clothes and have worn some of my creations.  I really like to make stuff, if you can't tell. It's so much fun to see something form out of a mess of stuff. I feel like Dr. Frankenstein sometimes. cool. But in a crafty, good way.

22.) I can do cartwheels, and round offs, and I like to hang by my knees from tree branches. I used to climb trees as a  kid. I was good at going up, not so good at coming down. I'm afraid of heights.

23.) Red is my favorite color.

24.) I am a child of the 80's and love/miss that new wave/punk music. Somafm has an underground 80's station that I listen to to reminisce. Ah, good times.

25.) I wear a size 8 shoe. and I go to bed around 830p every night. something about 8's. such a round, symmetrical number. I wish for you all a GR - 8 day.

21 October 2011

19 October 2011

whatcha makin' now?

Been preparing for a Holiday Handmade market that  friend of mine has put together, so I'm busy busy making stuff to sell. These are some of my famous (infamous?) washers that I use with the spokes and hubcaps earrings with copper wiring. I thought they would look cool with some chain. give it a real industrial edge with these. 

I love this color blue. I like to put it with everything. Kind of like jeans, they just go with everything. you can't go wrong with jeans with just about anything, amirite?

18 October 2011

17 October 2011

garden goodies

I worked most all day on sunday in the garden. I didn't plan that, it's just how it worked out. I had all good intentions of going to yoga once I tilled and planted 2 garden boxes, but 2 turned into 4, then I had to water them (of course), and then cover them with chicken wire, (or protect them from felines some other way as to prevent them from using said garden as a litter box), so naturally I didn't make it to the later yoga class, but got to work out in the nice weather and bask in the satisfaction of seeing the garden look damn good with all the future vegetables that are going to come our way (I hope.)

asian beans
I planted radishes, celery, broccoli, onions, thyme, chives, and rosemary. I'm a *little* late in the season for some of these, but I think we'll be ok. What I've planted so far is coming up GREAT! and I can't wait for them to start bearing fruit! I've discovered that chicken wire is an excellent deterrent for kittens. Note to self.

16 October 2011

i heart macro

Toby has been taking up a LOT of my/our time lately, so I have been remiss in regular posting. I'm slowly getting back into it now. One of his favorite things to do is throw the ball. I can sit in the backyard for hours and throw the ball and he'll run and chase it. Nice that I don't have to leave the yard, or need lots of extra acreage for him to do so. 

This is one of those splash balls that you can throw in the water and it gets heavy to hold, but still soft enough for little mouths to grab. He's an excellent swimmer.

check out what everyone else is doing:

studio waterstone

12 October 2011

whatcha makin' now?

I found this recently and thought "I really need one of these for every day." since I use something not as handy to carry around my jewelry from yoga class to work a couple times a week. and it's cool that it's handmade too.

Weekend in the City Jewelry Roll « So what? Sew buttons!

08 October 2011

perfectly rainy day

It has been raining here since last night. It's a constant gray rain (is rain another color?) and it looks a lot like this. I made a short movie of the rain with my new tablet my baby got me (LOVE that thing!), so I'll have to see about posting it here. I got Toby in it too. 

It's supposed to be like this all day tomorrow too. I was really hoping to work in the garden and do some more planting, but that's not going to happen. I do have peppers that are sprouting now. My beans look good and the squash are growing too. 

so I'm going to yoga soon. I've been working on some more items as the holidays are coming up and I am participating in a Holiday Handmade market a friend of mine is putting on next month. So I've got to get busy! 

Enjoy the weather where ever you are, whatever it's like.

05 October 2011

just venting

A  S.A.D. time of year
I swear I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, but only during the summer here in sunny F.L.A. I know that sounds *really* odd, but it’s the only thing I can attribute to how I feel here during the summer, and I know I’m not the only one. My beloved goes through the same feelings.
See, from May until September here, it is hot and damn humid (have I said that before?). It is so hot and damn humid that it is just downright UNCOMFORTABLE to go outside. You are hit by a sauna upon leaving a nice air conditioned building, and you sweat just standing still. And I don’t mean a little mist or glow of a sweat, I mean an outright, true to form sweat like you’re working an Alabama potato farm in the middle of July. I can’t breathe in this weather it is so stifling. I have to plan my day of when I can be outside, which is before 10am and after 7pm, which sucks big time. This means if I want/need to do any yardwork, I have to schedule it. If I want to take the dogs out for a walk or to the dog park, I need to schedule it. My laundry room is outside, so if I need to do laundry, I have to schedule it. I am SO TIRED of sweating when I go outside. I’m tired of having to take 3 showers a day because I sweat and stink just from walking to the end of the driveway. My northern relatives just don’t feel sorry for me. They say that this sweating makes up for it in our very temperate winters. A good point, but not sufficient. My northern relatives say they are tired of the winters lasting from November until April, with no idea of what the weather is going to be like from one day to the next sometimes. I say I’ll put up with that if I can breathe and not sweat everyday. The sun is wonderful, the greenery is wonderful, and the summer rains are so refreshing, don’t get me wrong. But the bugs, the heat, the humidity, the constant threat of hurricanes, flooding, and brush fires make it *almost* not worth it.

See, I am an outdoorsy, active girl. I like to be outside. If I could have my office outside or with large open windows, I would. If I could have a job where I worked part time outdoors and part time indoors, I would. (Actually, I need to look into that. Duh.) So being stuck inside, not being able to breathe is a big downer. Now I know that those up north say that they are stuck inside for part of the year too, but only because it’s so cold. Well, even though it’s cold, you can bundle up to look like the Michelin man and still go outside and breathe and not sweat to death or pass out from the heat. You can sip on hot chocolate or tea to keep warm. It’s so hot here that short of taking an ice bath, all I do to stay cool is not move. And I hate that.
Although, all this bitching may have to do with the fact that I swear I’m peri-menopausal and this heat doesn’t help that either.

Thankfully we have had a break in the weather as of this weekend. It’s like the universe knew it was October on the calendar and sent us some cooler temps. I actually had the windows open this weekend. It was so refreshing. See, when the weather breaks like this, it makes me feel more alive, more productive, more inclined to be active and do things that I normally *would* do, but don’t during the summer because it’s so damn hot and humid.
(for those of you thinking, “geez, all this bitching, why doesn’t she just move?” well, I’m working on that too. If the economy wasn’t so bad, I’d be out of here before next summer. Nevertheless, a move is in my plans.)

So for now, I’ll enjoy the cooler temps and enjoy being outdoors. Nothing is forever, right? 

Thanks for listening.

02 October 2011

lazy sunday

I don't want this picture to get too huge, since it's not the most flattering, nor truly in focus, so I'll just say that this is from my birthday last sunday. Doing absolutely nothing and enjoying every minute of it.

01 October 2011

garden goodness

some pretty purple flowers

very excited to see the squash has come up! I just planted these seeds this past monday when I was off work. I put chicken wire over the garden bed to keep the cats out of it. (contrary to what they believe, it is NOT their personal litter box.)

lantana flowers

and some string beans too! 

The beans are starting to come up through the holes in the chicken wire, so tonight I'll be making some other containment-type contraption to keep the cats out. I am just so thrilled that I already have plants from seeds in such a short amount of time! yippee!