27 September 2011

catharsis - and a sale

swimming with dogs is always good for the soul 
It has been a good extra couple days off from work (I should do this more often).

I did NOT sleep in today, nor have I napped yet (strange, isn't it?). What I did do is go to 645am yoga and NOT have to rush in to work directly afterwards. It felt good. I went about my day, took the puppies to the park, watched Toby swim after his ball over and over again, Scotty wading in chest deep water, and enjoyed a relaxing day. The weather has actually cooled here for us, so we weren't sweltering by 11a. Had a nice lunch with my beloved (we all met him at his work), then promptly came home to list a few more items and tell you about my sale!

For my birthday, I am giving you a present. Use the code Birthday256 for 20% off your purchase in my etsy shop from now until friday, September 30, 2011. Not only was it my birthday this week, but I have a new great-nephew who was born yesterday! Don't have any photos yet, but I am anxiously awaiting!

Tomorrow, back to work. At least it will be a short work week. It's been a good week already, work or not. 
How about you? how is your week so far?

26 September 2011

some quiet time...

I am so glad to have today and tomorrow off work. I feel like I can never get done all that I want to, but I guess that's not unusual, eh? I took the puppies to the park this morning to let them play (and wear them out). I took this video of Toby trying to steal another dog's squeaky toy. It was funny to watch. Toby heard the squeaky from across the park, and ran with a mission to find out who had it. When the girl dog went swimming after her football, Toby swam after her! I have never seen him do so much swimming! He's dead tired, which I am glad. I took this with my camera, so it's not the best filmage (is that a word?) You can hear Toby barking at first, then me laughing, then Scotty has a cameo towards the end of the film in the right side of the film. Check him out.

I need some quiet time today to be productive. I have been *somewhat* productive so far. I planted squash, beans, and pepper seeds in the garden this morning, I've done laundry, and I'm posting some more pieces on Etsy to have a sale, in honor of my birthday. My birthday was yesterday, actually, but I didn't do a damn thing. We went to a friends for brunch yesterday, and we had spiked fruit and mimosas, so that put us out for the rest of the day. We napped from around 2p to 5p. We are so pitiful. Neither Nate, nor myself, drink much at all, and one drink puts us out. So today I promised myself to be more productive. Look for a sale by end of day today, or tomorrow. I promise. really. 

I get so much more done without Nate around also. And it's nice to have the house to myself too. Plus, if I didn't have to work for a living, I could get a hella lot more done. amirite?

what do you do with extra free time?

17 September 2011

Bead soup blog party reveal!

So this is what is left, so far, from my bead soup from my lovely partner Doris Stumpf over at Glaszwerg

Toby can't wait to see what I made too...

and VOILA! I made all this stuff! 
pretty cool, huh?

I love the focal on this one. The melding of colors, and the shape is so unique. I used the seed beads she sent me to make a beaded "jump ring" if you will to hold the focal around the necklace. The rest of the beads Doris made as well, and I tied a knot in between them all on a leftover piece of velvet cording I had. I *had* to go for a fancy clasp, since this piece is so fancy.

This focal I love too, with the swirly colors and uneven shape. I used a leftover piece of flat leather cording for the necklace and used 2 other large hole beads Doris sent me. I used some chain, in different lengths, to make the necklace longer. The chain is uneven, so you can wear this short or long. 

pretty short, cute earrings from some other beads she sent.

I love these long silvery beads and thought they would look good as drop earrings.

  Wolfie approves

A big thanks to our host, Lori Anderson for putting such a large group together and not *totally* losing her mind. 
Don't forget to check out what everyone else has done!

The Hostess, Lori Anderson and her partner, Manuela Wutschke

19. Anna Sabina­­­­ and Erin Siegel

39. Charlene Gary and Doris Stumpf      **YOU ARE HERE**