31 August 2011

whatcha makin' now?

As you know, I've been working with copper a lot lately and over the weekend I got down to making some more ear wires for some new industrial themed jewelry. Typically, I make the ear wires on the left; very simple. The thing is, the opening for the loop at the end, where the earring goes through, is facing outwards. So like, if I was wearing the earrings in the picture, and you were looking at me, you would see the end of the copper wire facing you. 

I thought, well, these are simple and easy ear wires, and they look good, but having the unfinished end of a wire facing the viewing public might not always be well received by customers.

(I don't know really, I'm just guessing. I would notice these things, since I make the jewelry, but I don't know that most of the buying public would notice.)

So I made another pair, shown on the right. This one has the unfinished end facing the back, so if you were behind the person wearing these earrings, you would see the unfinished end. This style ear wire takes a little more time (to adjust for balance and symmetry) and there are more bends in it, which means that there would be more plier marks on it to sand out. 

(I've really learned to loosen my grip on my pliers. saves me lots of sanding time.)

So while both are nice, I'm not sure which one would be preferred by customers, so I'm asking for your input. 

If you were buying, which would you prefer? the simple ones on the left? or the fancy wavy ones on the right?


Beadbug said...

I love the lines of your new style. They just look graceful.

Glaszwerg said...

OMG! Today morning I was searching some little things for a friend in office and guess what I see?????? I have forgotten to send you the CLASP!!!!!!! (Funny, you are showing one in your posting!!!) To end the bead soup with it will be too late – and what shall I do now??? What a pitty!!! I am glad, that you like my bead soup *puh* it was really difficult….

It doesn’t matter, that your bead soup is on tour, I love to get packages – what ever time ;-)

Have a nice day!

graygirlstudios said...

@Beadbug ~ thanks! that's very kind. I always wanted to be a graceful ballerina, but that never materialized, so I guess it comes through in my jewelry.