10 August 2011

whatcha makin' now?

working on some washers and found items for earrings. These are very light, kinda different, and colorful; with the blue washers and all.

gray washers. with some kind of code on them. interesting....

the puppy keeps us busy lately (go figure) but he is so funny and such a joy to have around. He was playing with Scotty's toy the other day and Scotty tried to get in on the mix, since it WAS his toy and all. It was too funny to watch.  Now Toby has found Moses's ball with the bell in it. Toby is such a toy hog! He thinks they are all his! The cats are getting more used to him. It'll take awhile. 

I'll be playing catch up - again - this weekend. What are you catching up on?

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