04 August 2011

newest member of the family

Nate & Toby
Nate has been wanting a small dog for forever, so last weekend we went to animal services to see what we could find. Nate fell in love with this little guy, so we put in our application, waited a few days to see if the owners would come looking for him, and when they didn't, we took him home! His name is Toby and he is so full of energy! We are working on the house training and the cats aren't quite sure what to think of him. 

He's smaller than they are.

Scotty isn't too fond of him, but it's only the first day, so the adjustment will be awhile. I have high hopes that we'll all learn to get along soon enough.

Toby helped me out in the yard today for a bit. It was so hot and humid and uncomfortable that we came in by 1030a. I am hoping that TS Emily brings us some rain, but also sucks the humidity out of the air. We could use that too.

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LeeLu Creations said...

So sweet! I'm glad you rescued him. From the pic it looks like he's been a member of the family forever instead of being a new addition. :)