25 August 2011

Hurricane Irene

So we are preparing for high winds today, from 20-30 mph sustained. The Lynx buses can't run if sustained winds are higher than 30mph, so this should be fun for all those that depend upon the bus. Right now, we have hardly any clouds, but some wind, which makes it nicer for being outside. The sky is almost totally clear of clouds, and lots of blue sky, but soon enough, our skies will look like this picture. It's always strange when a hurricane comes through. There is lots of blue sky, some wind, then it gets really quiet, and dark, and lots of swirling clouds. It's true what they say about animals knowing what's up. When the rash of 2004 hurricanes came through, it was the same every time. And when it really started to get bad, there was *no sound* whatsoever from the animals. No birds, no squirrels, NOTHING. It's like they all disappeared, it was weird. That hasn't happened just yet, but I betcha it will come very close. Hurricane Irene is supposed to come close to us, but not be a big threat. But that could change in an instant. So for now, it's just wind, which makes a nice breeze. 

Hope you are enjoying your weather.

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