20 July 2011

whatcha makin' now?

Finished up some earrings over the weekend, in between slobber control and refereeing cat/dog encounters. I am well pleased with how these turned out. These are made from 16 gauge copper wire, (even the ear wires), and colored washers I found at skycraft.  I did NOT put these in the pickle after soldering, I put the whole thing in the tumbler to clean up, washers included. I only tumbled them for a few minutes, as I wasn't sure how the washers would react to the tumbling. They came through like a champ and maintained their colors! woot! woot!

I always test out my jewelry first, before giving as a gift or selling, just to make sure that the design works well and there aren't any flaws in the design or improvements that can be made. Call it my own R & D. I found the 16 gauge wire is too large for pierced ears, unless, of course, you are trying to open up your ears to put those large disks in them. I am not, as I believe most of my friends/customers are not as well. I tried using 20 gauge wire and that was just too thin and looked too small. I'll go with 18 gauge, so I'll need to replace these wires before they go in the shop.  I'll send some of these to The Artistic Hand as well, as these type designs do well there.

There's just something about soldering that I just love. Watching the changing of metal color, knowing that metal color that tells me at just the right time to add the solder, and watching it all meld together, it is just SO COOL!  I'm such a geek when I get ready to solder, I always end up sounding like these guys:

 It's just so stupid, but funny.


Ryan Adair said...

Pretty Earrings! Love the B&BH clip, they are always funny. :)

CraftyHope said...

I always try to test my designs too, but am funny about the earrings. I made a set of earwires (once) and found they were too large too. Best of luck on finding a solution.

And, soldering, yes...,love it. It's almost meditative at times to melt and apply it. Sigh.