13 July 2011

whatcha makin' now?

soldering some copper rings together to make earrings

I hammered the copper, and the ear wires, for some interesting texture. I made the ear wires too, BTW. SO easy to make. Take some 20 gauge silver wire and melt one end to make a ball. Don't forget to put the silver in the pickle to take out the firescale. DON'T put copper in the pickle as it will turn everything a pink color. NOT good. It's a pain in the arse to get out. 
These ear wires can also be used as head pins if you want to string some beads on them. Then use another silver wire as the piece for the ear wire. cool, huh? 
as much as I like the work, I think it's missing something. Like it's not quite finished, wouldn't you say? I thought of pairing it with a crystal bead, but not sure that's what I'm looking for either. 
Any ideas?

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Ryan Adair said...

I love circles! I wish I wasn't so allergic to metals, I love all your jewelry!