24 July 2011

i heart macro

I like how you can see the solder in the wire, and how you can see the change in color from the black to yellow

and Rogue says 'hey'. 

check out what everyone else is up to here:

studio waterstone


Alison said...

Love the colours in the first picture! Cute pussy cat too!

kimmykats said...

One of the things on my list...learn to solder. Hi Rogue! I think he is really saying what you got in my face now?????

Pretty Things said...

I like the solder photo! And who can't love a kitty?

Kym Hunter Designs said...

I like really like the first shot. Those are lovely earrings and I like the colors! Rogue looks so regal and is a beautiful cat.

Val said...

I so agree - I love how macro shows us what we don't normally see! Lovely macro shot. Love your header too.