18 July 2011

i heart macro

wolfie says hey
Whew! holy cow! I have never been happy to see a weekend over, but this one was it! We dog sat for Nate's sister and that was an adventure! 2 dogs, ages roughly 3 and 2.5, the younger one all full of energy and the older one just silly. They were up half one night barking at god knows what, and my poor cats didn't know what to think of the dern things (there was lots of growling and snarling from the cats, along with some claw swipes at the rear ends of dogs). Both mornings I took the dogs to our local dog park that has a lake and spent a minimum 1.5 hours there in order to occupy their time and (hopefully) wear them out. Yeah, that didn't work out so much. They were tired on the way home, and at home, but that was short lived.  Needless to say we were tired for most of the weekend trying to keep the slobber throughout the house to a minimum. I'm glad to do it for her, nevertheless, as dog sitting can be expensive, and I don't always trust those places.

This is the devils backbone near the front door. I love these plants. So interesting to look at, and they can be so colorful. I hope your weekend was restful. Check out what everyone else is doing:

studio waterstone


Ryan Adair said...

Pretty kitty cat <3
I love dogs so much, but since I have been a cat owner for so long, other peoples dogs can drive me nuts.

Of course any dog I have raised has been perfect. :)

Have a great week graygirl!

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

lol!! Love that story and I can relate! Petsitting is a JOB. Give Monday morning a whole new meaning, right? :)

Janet said...

Keeping slobber to a minimum..Love it! Swiping rear ends lol. Love your post! I can relate..trying to wear them out. They wore you out too. I think Id of been the same glad to see the weekend over. Gotta love those young dogs.

Patty said...

Very interesting plant - never heard of that one!

graygirlstudios said...

to tell the truth, we are STILL tired! and we will have them starting this thursday for a week and a half! We will be at the dog park A LOT and going to bed very early every night. pray for us.
thanks for the kind words everyone.