14 July 2011

digging deep

Rogue clawing at the compost box
We're digging deep at the homestead here, working in the garden, and working at the bench. Rogue likes our compost box, and I'm glad she uses that to sharpen her claws instead of our furniture. Since the cats are indoor/outdoor, we have never had a problem with that. This compost box has to be her favorite place in the yard. She has a good view of the yard, as well as the neighbors cats when they are on the fence or their shed roof. Many a stare down has been held in that small area of the yard. 

The garden is done for the season, so we are mixing up the soil and turning over the compost to get ready for the 'warm' season garden, which starts in September.  I am looking forward to that. It will be much nicer to garden when I don't sweat my ass off just stepping outside. *SO* uncomfortable. NOT attractive either, but that's not what I was going for. 

Digging deep at the bench too. Using leftover metals to make fabulous stuff, trying to access the recesses of my brain for some creativity, new thoughts and such. I'm mixing it up and turning it over in the grey matter as well. It's been feeling good to engage my brain in this way, as it's been awhile. Quite refreshing and I feel back to my old self. The copper earrings I showed you yesterday have a new attachment, I'll show that to you this weekend. I think it will look pretty cool. I played with fire some more

(cool! fire! fire! ala beavis and buthead) 

I never really liked that show, but when they shouted 'fire!' I thought it was hilarious! I do that whenever I fire up the torch! Nate just rolls his eyes now.

Digging deep can be good for the soul too, so it's been cathartic as well. I'm feeling good.
hope you are feeling good too.

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