16 July 2011

bench saturday

 So...Nate tells me that I need to clean up my bench.

I look at him, stunned and astounded, and I say, 

but baby, this *IS* clean.

I'm sure most of you can relate. You look at your work area and think, 'how did it get this messy?', then proceed to clean, organize, file, etc., and you're done and proud of yourself and someone comes along and says 'looks better. it's getting there!'
Huh? what? have they not been paying attention? These are also the same people that make those comments, and have desks that look like this:

 uh huh. see? gotcha.
tell me my desk is 'getting there'

I always feel better once everything is cleaned and organized, and get rid of stuff that doesn't work for me anymore. I just finished a bunch of soldering and it's all in the tumbler now. Can't wait to show you! Now I need to hammer out some ear wires! 

Do you have a cleaning ritual? A certain daily/weekly/monthly schedule? Do you always stick to it? Or do you wait until you are exasperated before starting? 

happy weekend!


Regina said...

I do not enjoy cleaning up my work area, because then I do not know where I put everything away... a mess and I can find everything I need. Your work area looks quite clean. Now enjoy the weekend.

Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

I feel as though there is nothing but cleaning since buying and renovating this place...ugh.

Looking forward to seeing your new creations!


Pretty Things said...

Looks clean to me!