29 June 2011

whatcha makin' now?

You know how the other day I was talking about hammering for some earrings? and how I was so~o excited about my new beads that I bought over the weekend? I have a couple pictures to show...

I call this pair the fraternal twins

These reminded me of the sky so I put stars on them.

Ever since we bought the macro lens, I am spoiled and no other camera lens will do. Unfortunately, my beloved has them with him now and he is not close by, so I had to take these with my little point and shoot. It's ok...but I can definitely tell a difference in quality photographs.  I'll get you some better pictures soon.

27 June 2011

new uses for things

So I'm sitting at my bench yesterday, after the cat moved...

and sat down to hammer at some earrings I was making from my FAB-O new set of beads I bought at the bead mercantile show. I needed a good way to hold on to the dern things without hammering my fingers. "I have a ring clamp" I said to myself. DUH. "this would be the perfect tool to hold onto the wire, secure the beads away from the hammer (and my fingers), and put some cool texture on the wire." DUH. Kind of like this:

See? Beads secured, wire exposed, hammering made easier.

And in holding the wire this way, I make sure to have some conformity in what places I am hammering (or forging) the wire, so it looks the same on the pair. 

It made the rest of my day hammering go so~o much smoother. Still loud, from all the hammering, just smoother and quicker. Yay for new uses for things!
how about you? found any new uses for things you already have? what's your best 'DUH' moment? feel free to share.

26 June 2011

i heart macro

yeah, from the bead show yesterday. These are SO AWESOME!

check out what everyone else is up to:

studio waterstone

25 June 2011

new beads

Went to the Bead Mercantile show today, before the big rain, and got some good stuff. I had to ration, 'cuz otherwise I would have taken home a bunch more. Check this out:
groovy peace signs (ON SALE!). I wish I could tell you from whom, but he didn't put the company name on the business card. dern it.

gorgeous labradorite from A and J gems

cracked agate and some funky crosses from Choy International Gem. I love this cracked stuff. It is so pretty! I kept coming back to it. I bought 5 strands in different colors and some smaller sizes. I have enough to make a few pairs of earrings. (I had to make sure I had pairs in the strands.) These are just awesome!

How about you? Have you ever found one thing you just *had* to have? that you kept coming back to? what is your most exciting purchase?