31 May 2011

copper chain hooks - or - whatcha makin' now? a day early

I was feeling especially productive over our long weekend and made some chain hooks for a couple things I'm working on. These are the small ones, measuring about 15.5 mm or 5/8 in long. I hammered them a bit for texture, then put them in the tumbler. (LOVE the tumbler!)
piece of solder in the pic too.

This is the medium chain hook, measuring approx. 20mm or .08 in long. Hammered for texture also, then tumbled.

interlude: this reminds me of a Boy George song: "I'll tumble for ya! I'll tumble for ya! I'll tumble for ya, I'll tumble for you!"

(now I've really dated myself. When did I get to be a woman of certain age? How did this happen? Ah well, there could be worse things, right?)

and here they are! all nice and shiny after my tumbling for them! or with them, or for them...whatever. Although, next to the beat up bench fire block, anything looks nice and shiny. The large ones in the foreground measure approx. 1.1 in or 28.4 mm in length. These are my favorites. I'm not good at dainty stuff, and I have finally accepted that I am *not* a dainty girl, as much as I try to convince my family and friends of that, they scoff at the notion. 

(Obviously they figured it out long before I did) 

Nevertheless, I am good with not being dainty and I like working on big projects and making big chain hooks and working with big fire and big tools and such. I know that the small hooks are just as good and look just as good, but I feel really good about the large ones, you know what I mean? Like, I know I can make the smaller ones, but I feel better about the large stuff, like that's more natural for me than the little pieces.

do you have things you can do, but you feel better about other things? How did you come to that realization? and acceptance? is it a big deal? How do you feel about it now?

(I minored in psychology for my B.A., so I'm doing my own study here, just 'cuz I like psych)

If you are up for it, leave me a note, or comment here. I'd love to hear your viewpoints.


The Clay Chick said...

I know what you mean, I like making bigger pieces as well. The smaller stuff is dainty and delicate, in a word, girly. And I don't like being girly lol! I want to make something that makes it's presence known.


graygirlstudios said...

I hear ya Christine!