31 May 2011

copper chain hooks - or - whatcha makin' now? a day early

I was feeling especially productive over our long weekend and made some chain hooks for a couple things I'm working on. These are the small ones, measuring about 15.5 mm or 5/8 in long. I hammered them a bit for texture, then put them in the tumbler. (LOVE the tumbler!)
piece of solder in the pic too.

This is the medium chain hook, measuring approx. 20mm or .08 in long. Hammered for texture also, then tumbled.

interlude: this reminds me of a Boy George song: "I'll tumble for ya! I'll tumble for ya! I'll tumble for ya, I'll tumble for you!"

(now I've really dated myself. When did I get to be a woman of certain age? How did this happen? Ah well, there could be worse things, right?)

and here they are! all nice and shiny after my tumbling for them! or with them, or for them...whatever. Although, next to the beat up bench fire block, anything looks nice and shiny. The large ones in the foreground measure approx. 1.1 in or 28.4 mm in length. These are my favorites. I'm not good at dainty stuff, and I have finally accepted that I am *not* a dainty girl, as much as I try to convince my family and friends of that, they scoff at the notion. 

(Obviously they figured it out long before I did) 

Nevertheless, I am good with not being dainty and I like working on big projects and making big chain hooks and working with big fire and big tools and such. I know that the small hooks are just as good and look just as good, but I feel really good about the large ones, you know what I mean? Like, I know I can make the smaller ones, but I feel better about the large stuff, like that's more natural for me than the little pieces.

do you have things you can do, but you feel better about other things? How did you come to that realization? and acceptance? is it a big deal? How do you feel about it now?

(I minored in psychology for my B.A., so I'm doing my own study here, just 'cuz I like psych)

If you are up for it, leave me a note, or comment here. I'd love to hear your viewpoints.

29 May 2011

I heart macro

Moses, our 3-legged cat

my beloved loves sunflowers. This one is about to bloom. 

This is our latest stash from the garden. The hot peppers are too hot for me, but the yellow pear tomatoes are like snacks! So yummy!

Wolfie, camera/attention hog

went to skycraft for some more supplies yesterday. got some neat stuff

more neat stuff from skycraft

come check out what everyone else is doing:
(thanks Lori!)

studio waterstone

26 May 2011


The other day Andrew Thornton was having a giveaway for these groovy cool stamps! and I won! I am so excited! and they came in the mail this week! yay! I have all kinds of ideas for them, and now I need to go shopping for some more silver, and copper, and wire, and beads, and stuff...somebody stop me!

25 May 2011

whatcha makin' now?

used the rubber finger thingys to help make more copper jump rings to put these metal rings together into some kind of chain.

I need some 18 or 16 gauge copper wire to make a super cool hook for this piece. This looks very rough and I think I'll keep it this way. 

22 May 2011

I heart macro

we take Scotty to a local lake for fun and exercise and Nate had fun with the camera the other day

I have always liked water and the view of the lake from this photo is especially appealing to me. The clarity, colors, and peacefulness just draws me in.

studio waterstone

18 May 2011

whatcha makin' now?

found a piece of silver wire, soldered together to make a ring, but didn't like it plain. so I hammered it flat a little, then dented it. the dents give it some character I think. I'm thinking of pairing it with leather cord I've had forever, and some beads to dangle from the ring. 

17 May 2011

last day for a great giveaway!

you have until midnight tonight to get in on this great giveaway! I really like stamps, I mean really really I have some already, but PJ Tool jewelry has some really cool fonts in stamps! These are the newest ones. Go to Andrew Thornton's blog to post a comment to win. Tweet, update your FB page, and/or blog about this for other entries to win. This would be so awesome to win! good luck to all!

16 May 2011

new uses for things

I'm really dating myself talking about this, but do you remember these?

Yep, I found some of these recently and thought, hmmm, I'll bet these would be good to use to hold onto stuff when I'm working. You know, instead of using tape (which I'll have to throw away after a couple uses), or a whole glove, which just gets cumbersome and isn't very tactile.

sure enough, these things worked perfectly to hold onto this! I used an old wind chime piece (the silver metal thingy) to wrap some copper wire around it to make some jump rings. My fingers kept slipping, so I used the rubber finger things to hold onto the metal and SHAZAM! worked like a charm! What would work even better is to put the wind chime piece into the end of a drill and let the drill do all the turning work, but with limited space, I have to work with what I've got. 

How about you? do you have any new uses for things? something you've discovered that works well? Please! feel free to share! 

15 May 2011

I heart macro

my beloved brought me some more cast offs from work. I'm putting these together with some other fun stuff. 

we are back to our rainy season, thank goodness, we need the rain. I thought I'd try the macro lens and see if I could get a good pic of the water droplets. the animals appreciate the fresh new water.

more cool industrial stuff

one of the many sunflowers we have growing in our backyard. It's not very tall, but very beautiful. 

studio waterstone

14 May 2011

11 May 2011

whatcha makin' now?

so I'm working with the new macro lens; trying it out, getting used to setting, depth, etc. also working with light. I'm sure the next few rounds of pictures are going to be my guinea pigs/try out stage, so forgive me for my transgressions, I'm still learning. These new ID lanyards were part of my experiment. 

I kind of like this picture. I like the colors, and the background image too. A coworker asked for one of these, so I made several for her to choose from. (book not included.) I think I'll sign up for a digital camera workshop. Both Nate & I need to. This should be exciting!

have an exciting day! what are you up to? 

06 May 2011

quote o' the day

"you are nothing that i ever expected, and everything i ever dreamed..."
- dawn dais

It's amazing how that happens, isn't it? 
have a dreamy day...

05 May 2011

silver is down!

Just had to post that silver is down to $34/oz! I am so glad! I need some new material...

nose rings

04 May 2011

whatcha makin' now?

workin' on a few things, but this dern cat keeps getting in the way. How cute is she? Can't forsake the love from something like this, so I must give in....

02 May 2011

spotlight on... article

Hey everyone! SoftFlex company has featured another one of my 'spotlight on...' articles for the month of May. I really enjoy writing these articles and SoftFlex company has been gracious enough to let me indulge in my writing aspirations. The 'spotlight on...' page features not just articles, but stores, designers, books, and bead groups, along with working with color. They have some good sales too. I love their crimp tubes

Enjoy looking around and thanks for reading!