06 April 2011

whatcha makin' now?

I like industrial kind of stuff, and you know I've talked about Skycraft here before. You know, the guy store that my man has dragged me to on many many occasions. It's like guys being dragged to the mall with their women, same concept.

Needless to say, since this is a guy store, there's lots of guy stuff, like tools, wire, electronics and such. They also have transistors, like what I've used here:

and recently I found some washers and coils too

I'd thought of painting the washers to make them more colorful, but the paint would just wear off after awhile, and what fun is that? I'll use some some of my fatty rubber cording to make a really cool necklace.

how about you? whatcha makin' now?  


Courtney said...

Unlimited possibilities with that last picture!

The Clay Chick said...

Have you tried nail polish? A local bead store uses that on metal charms on the jewelry they make. I'm sure it could chip, but I've had some for years with no issue.
And I know what you mean about that store...we don't have them here but we do have Harbor Freight...love it!

graygirlstudios said...

@Courtney ~ I KNOW! so many things I can do with that! thankfully I have lots and lots of those washer thingies.

@ClayChick ~ I'm thinking of trying some spray paint I have here first, and see how that works. I've got this nice sparkly gold color, and some bright silver. we'll see. thanks for the hint!
yeah, we have harbor freight too. total man store, but they have some decent goods too.