27 April 2011


where we were yesterday?

no, I didn't ride this, but it looked really cool.

mom; in front of me; me, and sister, waiting in line. lots of lines. but not long lines. not a bad day for waiting in line. 

not true snow

on the way to a line

it was an adventurous day

I would have loved a dip in this lake

this one is for my brother, who is a HUGE Simpson's fan

we were at Universal Orlando! Mom and sister got on all the rides they wanted, we ate, laughed (a LOT), and Nate took all the pics with our new macro lens. He's as in love with it as I am. I'll have some good macro pics of the stuff we made this week soon. 

hope you are having an adventuresome week!


Anonymous said...

OH wow!!!! What a great great adventure! Thanks for letting me stop by... Do I even need to suggest...have a great afternnon???

graygirlstudios said...

yeah, it's always a good time. glad you liked the tour! we did have a good afternoon, albeit with tired feet. now back to resting!