11 April 2011

another groovy cool giveaway!

You know, I just love spreading the good news about giveaways. I have in mind to just post about giveaways for like, a week in a row, maybe more, since there are so many of them out there. It could be my own little challenge to myself, to see how many I could post in one month. But that's for another time...

Cat, over at Olive bites and polarity, is hosting another groovy cool giveaway!  Roberto Sand, over at Bullfrog laserworks, is giving away a custom rubber stamp! How awesome is that? From the looks of his etsy site, this guy is good with the laser, and makes everything to order, nothing on the shelf, he says. If I won, I'd be hard pressed to pick just one type of stamp, you know, like what to put for the stamp. Decisions, decisions. Go to Cat's blog for more info on how to win.

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