10 April 2011

7000 bracelets of hope

I'm very excited/honored/happy to be participating in the 7000 bracelets for hope campaign by the global genes project. This is to help raise awareness of rare diseases, and to show support to the families that are living with rare diseases, disorders, or conditions. 7000 jewelry designers will be taking part in this campaign! I'm working in tandem with Lori over at Pretty Things who has arranged a blog hop for this saturday for the big reveal of all the bracelets. 

This is so exciting! To have so many designers from all over the world come together for such a campaign, this is great! I think this is a great way to get motivated, inspired, and also try something new. Very cool.

I'll post my pic on saturday along with the list of participants so we can check out all our wares. I'm extra stoked too 'cuz I'm gonna have my new macro camera lens! woot! woot! I can't wait! yowza! See you then!

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