29 March 2011


taken with the new camera lens. don't know why Rogue is out of focus. She is a strange kitten after all...

I have my own computer workstation and Nate has his own. Much easier this way. If I were to turn around 180 degrees, I would be facing my bench. Very convenient!

28 March 2011

that kind of day

Rogue wants to know why we keep waking her to take her picture
Yeah, it's that kind of day here. Rain rain and more rain and it's supposed to rain all week. I feel sorry for the spring breakers that will have this to look forward to all week. Nevertheless, we need the rain. Too many brush fires around here lately. My plants are happy. Kittens are not. 

new camera lens

so I bought my beloved the wide angle camera lens on friday. He is so stoked about this. I'm kind of excited too as it takes some very clear, yet distorted pics. No, he doesn't normally look like this, it's the lens silly. We were at our favorite place (can you guess) having lunch today and I took some photos. 

my very old dog, Scotty. getting older by the minute. 

something different. I can't wait to get the macro lens! woot! woot!

27 March 2011

Earth Hour

Did everyone participate? I hope so. Take a break, enjoy your sweetie, or some sweets. Relax, meditate, take a nap even. 

Enjoy your day.

26 March 2011

Artistree Co-op

Artistree Co-op is hosting a Spring for Handmade event today! Yay! this is such a nice place. good food, nice location, great tea, and some FAB - O desserts! Handmade goods of all kinds will be for sale and you can shop and enjoy some good music too. The weather has been beautiful, so it's a good reason to get out and enjoy! see you there!

23 March 2011

SoftFlex spotlight on...

My latest article for SoftFlex's spotlight on...is coming up in May. I need to have it in by the end of this month. My last article I was very happy with and I'd like to do the same this time. I learned when I was in school, that if I didn't worry so much, if I didn't pressure myself, if I didn't try so damn hard, I could put out a decent paper. So I didn't do the aforementioned things, and I did turn out good papers. It's the same with the articles. I have an idea for a new article, but I don't want it to get too heady, I just want it to flow and be good. I've found that this kind of technique works when I'm working with my jewelry too. I don't try too hard, I don't pressure myself, and the pieces turn out pretty good. Maybe not quite what I expected, but still good. I think it's the part about learning to let go, and to surrender, (NOT give up) that makes working on these things - articles and jewelry - so much easier to do. 

The article will be out in May. Until then, check out the archives for my, and others, past articles. 

21 March 2011

bike ride and a chicken family

busy busy lately, (aren't we all?), and have not had much time to catch up. The weather has been nicer, and with gas being so expensive, I've been riding my bike to work lately. Every day I pass by this chicken family on a very busy road. They are actually back from the road a bit, so I don't worry about them getting hit. (I haven't seen feathers in the road, so I think they're ok). 

I just think it's the funniest thing to see chickens in the city. I hear the roosters sometimes, when I go by, and I always look for them. I like chickens. I think they're cute. Same with cows. I call these guys the Curry Ford chickens, because that's the road they are on. 

Lots of straightening, cleaning, organizing, purging, as it's spring time and the time of year for that. It always feels good once it's done, right? 

Enjoy your day.

19 March 2011

rings & things design challenge

Rings & Things is hosting a design challenge with these copper beads! woot! woot! 

Leave a comment for an entry, then post to FB, link from their blog, and twitter for an extra entries. If your name is drawn next week, you get a package of these lovely beads to make some cool stuff! You have one month to make cool stuff and post some pics of them to win more cool stuff! Wow! Can it get any better than this?!

17 March 2011

jasper focals

When I was working on the silver charms, I also had these jasper focals in my sight on the bench and had to use them too. (you can see the blue charms in the background of this pic)

I like green. I like the color green and green things, like food and plants. I thought this green looked good with the red jasper.

I like the dark jasper too. The silver beads really stand out and make it look all pretty. I can't decide if I want to put these on etsy or send to the Artistic Hand. So many decisions...

16 March 2011

silver charms...now with cording!

Yep! Finished this the other day, but didn't get pictures until today. Turned out pretty good and the colors match great! I try not to be too matchy-matchy, but I couldn't pass up the blue. 

and here's the braided one. I made both of these charms back in the day in jewelry school, and they have been sitting on my bench since then, looking for a good home. I think they found one. Yay!

13 March 2011

silver charms

I've had these silver rings for quite some time now and didn't know what to do with them. You know how that happens...you make something really cool, but don't know what to put with it. So it sits, and sits, and it looks at you on your bench/desk/table, until one day you stare back at it and look at it in a whole new light. You see it fit with this object, or that bead, or this cording; and that's exactly what happened today. 

The long middle beaded charm I've had for ages as well. These started out as earrings, but I didn't like the way they turned out. So instead of marring the wire by messing with them, I let them sit for awhile as well. And today, as serendipity would have it, they all came together to make a nice little colorful family.

They are being cleaned now and some cording will be attached to make a FAB-O necklace. 

I like it when a plan comes together
(insert The A-team theme song here. The old skool guys with Mr. T., not the lame-o movie.) 

10 March 2011

transistors finale

hammered out a copper clasp for it...

and VOILA! transistor bracelet! I thought of soldering the copper jump rings in between to harden it a bit, but not set on that yet. I thought the silver solder color would make a nice addition and add some more character. I also thought a live action shot would be cool too...

but have decided that that is NOT such a good idea. (I don't like the photo shot. can't wait for my new lens!) I think I'll stick to still photos and not employ living beings. Unless it's with one of the cats, and they just look so damn cute you can't help it, so the shot looks perfect anyway. 

I also thought of another idea. You know how there's a BTW - Bead table wednesday? well, I was looking at my bench and saw a lot of crap unfinished projects miscellaneous items beautiful pieces in various stages of completion, and I thought "why not have a bench table day?" like a bench table weekend? I don't want to trample on BTW, and don't want to take the same name either. Maybe I'll stroll on over to the lovely folks @ BTW and ask their thoughts, and I ask for yours too.

comments? possible names? opinions? 
thanks for listening.

09 March 2011


so I thought of adding these copper jump rings to it...

I'm finding time to do a little bit at a time during the week, instead of trying to cram so much stuff into the weekend. Right now, on the weekend, we are doing some outdoor yard work while it is nice enough to do so because come May, it will be too hot and humid. I also do some bench work, but getting a little done at a time makes me feel really productive. cool. 

08 March 2011

wire wrapped transistors

I got these transistors some time ago at Skycraft. I thought they were cool and the wire is very soft, so it's real easy to work with. I have an idea for a bracelet with some copper jump ring connectors. I was hoping to have it done to wear to work today, but I'm not quite done. What I have in my head as an idea and what actually comes out are usually two different things. I'm trying to get them to synch together, but it doesn't always work. 

I can't wait for my new camera lens! I'll be taking up close shots of everything! the kittens will get tired of me! 

07 March 2011

chalkboard door...finale

so here it is (dog not included). I guess it seems pretty huge for a chalkboard on a door, but it *definitely* works. I have lots 'o space to write important stuff, and hopefully have Nate remember to look at it and read it. 

see? extra large type, and yes! I am getting a massage next weekend! woot! woot! I could use it, after putting plants in the yard over this past weekend with my friend Jim helping. (thanks bunches Jim!)

see how the magnetic paint works underneath the white colored paint below the chalkboard? This is the coolest part! The magnetic paint goes all the way to the bottom of the door, so if I really needed all that space, which I might, I can put stuff there. Although, the cats and dog would probably knock it off the door, being so close to the ground and all. I still have almost a whole pint quart (?) left of the magnetic paint, and half a quart of the chalkboard paint. 

now...what else can I paint....

05 March 2011


It's been such a busy week I haven't had time to say a proper "thanks" to everyone that came by to comment on the Bead Soup blog party hop. It's great to get to interact, comment, and "meet" other talented artists, if only on-line for now. Such a welcoming is heart felt and greatly appreciated. 

04 March 2011

quote o' the day

What did you do that was strange and extravagant? What wild and crazy things have you done? or plan to do this weekend? You know that if you tell someone your strange and extravagant plan, the more likely you will be to do it. So do tell, what was it?

02 March 2011

spring time already?

yes, it seems that spring has already come here, as I came home today to the sound of people mowing their grass. Yep, you heard me correctly, mowing their grass. WTH? I know that doesn't make sense to a LOT of people, me being one of them. I don't mow my grass until May or June, although, I don't have a lot of grass anyway as my yard is pretty much xeriscaped, and I like it that way. It cuts down on all the mowing. 

I found these shells on a trip to the beach in '08 and I thought it was quite serendipitous that one shell already had a hole in it! awesome! I don't have to drill that one out! I felt all spring break-like after hearing lawn mowers I thought of sea shells.

Magnetic/chalkboard door is finally finished and in use. Pics soon to come.