16 February 2011

fast earrings

I needed some brown earrings the other day to go with an outfit for work. I decided to challenge myself and make something stylish, fast.

I've had these brown beads hanging around for awhile and decided they would be perfect. There's such an array of colors in the brown, I decided on 4 beads that were similar. Well, as similar as I could find anyway. I used my most FAB - O xuron tools to help me get the job done.

on the cheap less expensive side of the process, I used the handle of a small used paintbrush to fold over the earwire to just the right curl. (handy, huh?) The holes in the beads were fairly small, so I used some 22 gauge silver wire for the ear wires. Very light and still very pretty. 

and VOILA! FAB - O new brown earrings! To go with everything else I have that is brown. I have a lot of brown things. It seems to be a good color for me. I need to break out of brown...

I hammered the loops on the earwires a bit to harden it and give it some form and strength. Also to keep the beads from falling off. You can see some of the hammer marks near the top silver bead on the wire. Many things in life are not so perfect, so I left the hammer marks to give it some character. So far, so good. 

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