28 February 2011

chalkboard door

So I am finally finishing the chalkboard/magnetic paint door project that I have been working on for weeks. The chalkboard part is done (top black half), and now I'm finishing the bottom half. The bulk of the door is painted with a magnetic paint, and the top half I decided to make into a chalkboard as well as magnetic. groovy cool, I can't wait to use it! I'll definitely need to put another coat of paint over the bottom half, but when it's done, I think it will be really great to have and use. I want to put a huge calendar on the chalkboard part. Maybe that will keep us all straight on stuff we have going on. 



Courtney said...

Love! Is this a kids room door or the door to your space? (or did I miss that somewhere... :O )

Dee said...

That's pretty cool..I've heard of the chalkboard paint, but never magnetic paint!

graygirlstudios said...

@Courtney - this door is to our multi purpose room. We have our computers in here and most of my jewelry work is done in here too. We're in this room most often, so it just seemed like the logical place to try it out. It's finally all finished and I'll be posting pics of the finished view soon. The chalkboard paint, and magnetic paint, work great! yay!