23 February 2011

BSBP spoiler!

well, not really. just wanted to get your attention. 

Although I have finished my BSBP project. Just wanted to show this little bit of it that I got from my partner, Anitra over at LeeLu creations. I thought the little hand stamped with 'hand made' was so cute 'ems!

I'll actually have 2 items to show. the show off overachiever competitive creative person in me wanted to try some funky stuff with what I got, so I was going for 2! (isn't that a football saying?)

can't wait to see everyone on saturday! see you then!


LeeLu Creations said...

Ha! You had me. You're such a tease, lol. :)

See ya Saturday!

Pretty Things said...

looking forward to seeing you Saturday!