15 February 2011

art welder

me, circa 2003, jewelry school
my beloved and I attended an open house for an art welding class at a local vo-tech school. I had always thought that it would be fun to play with even *more* fire and build really cool, big, huge, recycled monster truck size stuff! It is still a thought, but nothing that we're going to start right now. We have lots of other projects, and besides, I'm still trying to get my mojo back from being out of it for so long; from being in school and from my own silly, stupid, ridiculous procrastination and other crap like that, that just keeps me from doing what I know I should already do and just need to do it. Just get my butt in the chair, right? 

Well, right now, this butt is going to bed. Then up for an early a.m. yoga class tomorrow. Love it. 

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