20 January 2011


Ethel - circa 1991

This, kids, is Ethel. I named her for my grandmother who did all sorts of sewing in her basement and inspired me to do so. I inherited a lot of grandma's stuff when she died, and grandma had a LOT of stuff. I made a wreath out of all the wooden spools that she had. Ah, memories.

but I digress...

Ethel is old for a simple sewing machine. And since she is simple, she doesn't sew much but cotton, or polyester, or cotton/poly blends. (kind of limits my choices.) Yesterday she jammed up several times while sewing the yoga straps, not before lots of swearing and cursing and screaming ensued. Needless to say I have learned that when I start swearing at the sewing machine, it's time to stop and take a break. So I did. My beloved checks out the machine and realizes that the thread is getting caught somewhere inside the machine and that's why the thread keeps breaking on me.

Now a trip to the sewing machine doctor is in order.

and we have also decided to buy an industrial machine. Not sure what kind or when we'll get it, but it's not going to be too much longer. We have big plans (BIG PLANS I tell you!) for some home projects this year and a heavy duty machine is in order.

Until then, I take a deep breath, chant OM, and wait. 

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Pretty Things said...

Ah, the sewing machine doctor. I remember going with my mom to that particular doctor a couple of times.