30 January 2011

weekend warrior

Yesterday I hosted another craft party and this time we made some chalkboard paint storage jars. I've wanted to do something with chalkboard paint for months now, and in my newest favorite book, there is the perfect idea to combine all these empty glass jars I've been saving along with chalkboard paint! It's a beautiful thing. I love it when a plan comes together. I'm still scraping the remnants of chalkboard paint off my fingers. Beautiful finished products to come...

I've also wanted to use magnetic paint for months years now too, and since I bought chalkboard paint, I might as well buy magnetic paint (duh) and find something to do with it. Well, imagine that, I did. I decided to paint the door to the computer/media/craft/man room with magnetic paint. This photo is before the third coat, and so far, these magnets seem to be holding up. Still scraping that paint off my fingers too. Stay tuned...

...and by the end of today I felt like Moses here. Wishing I could nap under the cactus plant as well. And look just as adorable and cute. Without paint on my fingers. 

27 January 2011

bead soup blog partner - LeeLu Creations

Hey everyone, meet Anitra. She is the girl behind LeeLu Creations, my bead soup partner. She makes some of the most colorful and cutest things! Check this out:

I love the little birds and peace signs. My mom is an old hippie, which some of her hippie - ness was passed down to me. I've been called hippie chick, treehugger, granola...hey, there could be worse things. 

I can't wait to see what she sends me. With her flair and taste, I'm sure it will be something AWESOME! 

25 January 2011


Cat, over at Olive bites blog, has posted a giveaway! yay! I love giveaways! (don't we all? even if we don't win? the anticipation and hope that we might is enough to excite me!) 

Clever Hands is a new Etsy shop by Emily who makes these FAB - O journal bandoliers! Go to Olive's blog, twitter, blog, and follow her for entries to win your choice of a journal bandoliers (there are some NICE fabric selections, so when you comment, pick 2, just in case the one you really really like is out of stock.)

Hurry! you have until midnight, sunday, February 6th! 

24 January 2011


Lori, over at Pretty Things, is having a metal stamp giveaway! I love stamping and these are the coolest looking letters I've seen in a long time! It's nice that there are some fun fonts besides arial and times new roman, right? You have until tomorrow, Tuesday, January 25th to tweet, post, and blog about it and tell her you did so. I know I am. This would be so nice to win! good luck everyone!

23 January 2011

very tired dog

We took Scotty to Lake Eola today to shop the farmers market with the niece and nephew. We all had a good time, obviously. He's been asleep on the couch ever since. 

I hope whatever you did, you had a great, relaxing day today. Enjoy before the work week starts!

21 January 2011

quote o' the day

wouldn't that be cool? no drama? no stress? just easy - peasy as Olive says..

you can find this magnet here

20 January 2011


Ethel - circa 1991

This, kids, is Ethel. I named her for my grandmother who did all sorts of sewing in her basement and inspired me to do so. I inherited a lot of grandma's stuff when she died, and grandma had a LOT of stuff. I made a wreath out of all the wooden spools that she had. Ah, memories.

but I digress...

Ethel is old for a simple sewing machine. And since she is simple, she doesn't sew much but cotton, or polyester, or cotton/poly blends. (kind of limits my choices.) Yesterday she jammed up several times while sewing the yoga straps, not before lots of swearing and cursing and screaming ensued. Needless to say I have learned that when I start swearing at the sewing machine, it's time to stop and take a break. So I did. My beloved checks out the machine and realizes that the thread is getting caught somewhere inside the machine and that's why the thread keeps breaking on me.

Now a trip to the sewing machine doctor is in order.

and we have also decided to buy an industrial machine. Not sure what kind or when we'll get it, but it's not going to be too much longer. We have big plans (BIG PLANS I tell you!) for some home projects this year and a heavy duty machine is in order.

Until then, I take a deep breath, chant OM, and wait. 

19 January 2011

the making of yoga straps

Did I mention I like to sew as well? One of the things me and my man have decided on this year is to be more thrifty, to save more and not spend so much. I'm also exercising the creative part of my brain, since it needs a jump start. I thought of repurposing old canvas belts into yoga straps. You know, you use these to help you get into a stretch, if you can't already put your head to your knees when you fold forward. These aren't as long as the new ones you might buy, but still a good deal and serves their purpose. Stay tuned...

16 January 2011

Happy Birthday!

a very happy birthday to my beloved sister! enjoy your day seester! 

(p.s. I got you a card, but it may be late. I got you a present, but it will be late. check the mail.)

15 January 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party BABY!

I am SO excited! (can you tell?) I just found out who my bead soup partner is and it's.....Anitra @ Leelucreations! She uses lots of color and makes some cool repurposed stuff. This is going to be some big fun! There were over 200 participants that signed up. I am amazed that Lori managed to keep it all together, so to speak, after all that. kudos to you girl. good luck to everyone and I hope we have a great party!

14 January 2011

quote o' the day...and local artists event

appreciate your gift, no matter what. 

Tonight at the Artistree Co-op there is a showing and reception by local artist Julie Kessler. She's a self-taught artist that uses scrap metal for her iron sculptures. Enjoy some hors d'oeuvres, wine, and 10% your art purchase tonight from 630p - 830p.

Julie Kessler invitation

13 January 2011


I have been wanting one of these for awhile and Joann has them on sale, thank goodness. These aren't cheap, but anything that's of really good quality isn't. I've seen these for years at a local bookstore and have wanted to get one to work on my jewelry at my desk. My little usb port light doesn't quite cut it. 

see? or better put... can you see? It's a decent light, but I need something more effective. And the fact that it's compact and portable is another big plus. 

freezing this morning

see? covered fish pond to keep them from freezing. the girls are holding down the blankets. very important job. 

11 January 2011


thanks to all who have visited lately! this bead soup blog party is going to be DA bomb! I'm off to get some rest for an early (645AM) yoga class tomorrow. (That's Scotty in a modified down dog with me in an outside yoga class for people and their dogs. He knows all the poses already! he's so smart!)

good night all!

09 January 2011

my new favorite book

my beloved and I went to the downtown library yesterday to hear a guy talk on traveling on the cheap, (the guy didn't make it, due to events beyond his control we were told), so we checked out some cd's, dvd's, and I found this really cool book! There is a project in here with empty glass jars, paint, and chalkboard paint that I want to do at my next party. There's also an idea for making ornaments using aluminum pop cans, beads and copper wire. Right up my alley baby!

08 January 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party BABY!

I am SO excited to be part of the Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by Lori Anderson over at Pretty Things! I have never done this before, always wanted to, and this being the year of change, I dove right in and signed up! I looked at the attendee list and WOW! are there some awesome designers participating! I can't wait! 

(can you see me jumping up and down, clapping my hands?)

aw gee willikers shucks mom, now I have to wait a whole week until I find out who my bead partner is. The anticipation is killing me....


07 January 2011

quote o' the day

I think this is a good quote for the start of a new year. with all the feelings of change, this is very apropos.

06 January 2011

inspiration...and kitten pic o' the day

Rogue helping, sorta. 
A dear friend of mine, whom I have known for years, and I have decided that this is going to be a year of big change. Not always good change, mind you, but change, and we acknowledge that. Some things beyond our control (political/economic climate), and some things within our control (personal habits, etc), will make this a year of change. Frankly, I'm looking forward to it. Last year was challenging for the both of us and we're glad to start over in a new year. Even my beloved is making some much needed changes, and for that I'm glad too.

I've been reading some very inspiring blogs lately, with some great words of wisdom, pretty pictures, and awesome things to think about. So I'm feeling motivated, and this is great because I've been feeling stagnant for too long. 

Now if only Rogue would move so I could get started. I don't know how she thinks that's helpful. 

04 January 2011

pink and chrysoprase part deux

So here is the full view of the completed project. I also showed a black and lavender eyeglass chain I had finished as well. These run approx 32 in/81 cm in length from end to end. I make them a little longer so they don't hang right on the boob line when the glasses aren't on the face. 

And here's an up close/personal/detailed view. At the top of the photo, you can see the chrysoprase colored wire around the clear plastic eyeglass holder. ooooh, pretty! These will be shipped off to The Artistic Hand soon. I'm feeling a little crazy lately, so I'll be putting together some more wild color combos to ship off to sell. 

have a wild and colorful day, where ever you are

01 January 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!

I'm very much looking forward to this year. I feel a lot of change coming, some good, some bad. But even bad change can end up being good for you. It may not look like it at the time though. A friend of mine said how it was good I had a positive attitude in regards to my latest water leak. That was nice confirmation that the total blowup I wanted to have really wasn't necessary. A bad thing, but a good change, as we needed to clean out the dead plants.

I hope all choices bring us to exactly where we need to be this year.

polarity + uncorked turned me on to NayArts who makes these FAB - O prints.