22 December 2010

holiday break

I have off a week around Christmas. It's the first time I have had off a full week around the holiday in years and I am enjoying it. It is nice to sleep in, and get some stuff done, and visit with family and friends. Thankfully the weather has cooperated and it is not freezing right now. It is cool, but sunny. I can take the cold, as long as there is sun, which begs the question of where I would live up north so that there is sun during the winter? I am still looking. 

When I say 'get some stuff done' I mean those small, tedious, annoying projects around the house that need to be done, and have needed to be done for months now, but I never got around to it. Like repaint my bathroom. It's a small bath (shower, no tub), but one that has needed painted for 2 years a long time now. It hasn't been done for many reasons, which I won't bore you with, but it needs done. So that is one thing to do. At one point, I thought the yellow we were going to put in the bedroom might have looked good in there, since it's a small room, but I decided NOT. BTW, we went with this green for the bedroom. Much nicer, easier to fall asleep in a room like this instead of trying to sleep in sunlight. 

 I also need to clean out and get ready for the new year! New years are always so exciting for me. Full of such hope and promise, and I have 365 days to make it true. One thing I have already definitely decided is to be brave. Very brave. Even more brave than I am, or think I am, now. 

I think you should too.